Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Entries

I received this gorgeous layout from Heather Robertson last night. How beautiful are the photos? Heather says in her e-mail that they're of her homeland in Northern Ireland. I've wanted to visit Ireland forever and these photos have done nothing to change my mind :)
Heather has used both the sketch and the colours from the February kit as her inspiration.
These last two layouts are from my friend/neighbor/walking partner Julie Wiseman. She's used the February kit for both but also used the sketch for the second one.
This pretty kitty was a baby from one of our many shop cats.
Now I'm just waiting for an e-mail from Miss Nancy Pants who swore to me yesterday that she was going to spend today in her jammies scrapping and that she would be sending me a layout for this contest. She confirmed with me that she had until midnight, so I'm going to predict a late night e-mail :)
Looking forward to receiving a few more entries and announcing the winner tomorrow!


  1. Miss Nancy Pants is uploading a photo at this very moment :)

    ...and I'll have you know, that I actually had the layout done last night at midnight, but felt it still needed something. In the light of day, I decided to leave well enough alone. It's simple, but I think I'm happy with it!

    Now, back to my basement studio... who knows? ... I still have 5 hours, I may have another layout to submit before the deadline!