Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Up next ...

... for August is Heather Derbecker. Heather is from up the road in London, Ontario. And although she only lives about 1/2 hour away, we've never met ... yet ;)
Heather used the main kit for August, "Snowcones", but also has incorporated bits from the project kit, "Travel Journal" on her layouts. This layout had me baffled when I first looked at it. I couldn't figure out what Heather had used for the teal and green accents. They looked like they were little wee crocheted doilies, but I still was lost. Then I realized that Heather had cut them out of the Websters trim included in the kit. Perfect.
She's also used a Studio Calico Ripstrip from the Project kit here to create the wound floral accent.
Taking the banner trend in hand, Heather has created her own banner here by using up small scraps of paper. What a great way to use up those little bits.
This is my favorite of Heather's projects. I love how she has trimmed the Prima accent to create this starburst effect with the Websters trim. So pretty.

Heather has just come back from holidays but was good enough to have done all of these layouts within a few days before she left. Thanks so much Heather!


  1. Great layouts Heather. The girls are getting so big.