Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our first guest designer for August ...

... is my gal from the deep south ... Greta Adams :)
Greta is highly addicted to 80's hair bands and names her sewing machines. And I wish she lived next door :)
I met Greta on another message board and am currently serving on the design team for Scrap Your CRAP! with her. While Greta is now spendng more time sewing than scrapping, she agreed to work with the August kit and Project kit.Greta makes fabulous Off The Page projects, so it was no surprise at all that her first project was something her daughter could wear.
Since I have been sewing kids clothes a lot lately, I wanted to incorporate some of that with scrapbooking supplies. Most of these are from the kit except for that big yellow flower. It's from my stash.I took a piece of beige fabric I had left over and cut it to mimic the neckline of the tank. I then misted it with some Shimmerz in a light blue. When that dried (with the help of the heat gun) I put some left over batting (used when quilting) behind it and I picked a decorative stitch and sewed the 2 pieces together. Then I started using the hot glue gun to place all my embellishments on it. Now, I know you are wondering how will you wash that ... right? It is only safety pinned on to the tank. Take it off before washing. I really did this project because I thought I would make some cute pictures. I don't think it is quite practical for everyday wear but it is if you want to play in front of the camera a bit and Melana is in love with it. :)
I love how Greta has mixed the main kit and add-on kit in each of her projects.
And a little piece of home decor.
I hope Greta's given you some ideas on how to use your scrapbook supplies in new ways :)
I'll be back tomorrow with another of August's guest designers.

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  1. Fabulous!!!!
    How amazing is her shirt for her daughter!!!!
    I love Greta!!!