Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going back to March with Jeremy Kroes

Happy Weekend all!
I've been playing all day with the new June kit and have lots to share, but first, I want to go back to the March kit. I happened across the blog of Jeremy Kroes about a year ago and am always interested to see what he's been creating or what he's finding inspiring at the moment. I love that he looks at supplies with such a fresh eye and gives them a whole new flavour.
I asked if he would work with the March Every Which Way kit and was thrilled when he agreed. I had a feeling that he would dive right into the Studio Calico product ... and I wasn't wrong ;)
I always have such a difficult time doing a layout without any photos.
I love how Jeremy lined the envelope from the Are We There Yet? add-on with the Studio Calico paper for a custom look.
Clothing tags are always so bright and colourful with such interesting graphics. This is a wonderful idea to take advantage of all those bits that would otherwise end up in the garbage, while at the same time documenting your fashion choices at the moment.
I'm also not surprised that Jeremy used the brown packaging from the kit. Fun spritzing, messy machine stitching and a wonderful little poloroid photo ... be still my heart :)
Come on! Why didn't I think of this? A beautiful little grouping of vintage buttons.
But this ... this card ... this card right here is such a gem. I love it so much.
And the perfect little inside :)
Thank you so much Jeremy! You have far surpassed my expectations and given me some wonderful inspiration. I need to dig out my scraps from the kit to duplicate those cards.
They. Are. Perfection.
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  1. WOW....I just adore the different creations that Jeremy has made with your March kit :) FABULOUS!!!! and I agree with you Tara...that last little card is a gem = perfection!!!

  2. How fun!!! Love the card and the layouts!