Friday, May 21, 2010

June Kit Update

Hi guys! We're just going into a holiday weekend here in Canada. What a lot of people like to call the May Two Four Weekend (due to the copious amount of beer consumed over the three days), but I still say the Victoria Day Weekend (because that's what it is). No big plans here. I'm going to head out shortly to hit some yard sales ... find some things for the Piggy Back Shack (Dave's new cabin) and try to find some lovelies for the store. Speaking of the store ... Move In Day is going to be here before I know it. We're still looking at August 1st so that's only a little over two months away. Eeeee!
I just wanted to give a little update about the June kit in case anyone has been up at nights wondering. Not likely, but you just never know ;)
I'm still waiting on product to arrive and a few of the things I wanted are not available. So I've been making substitutions and additions but the feel of the kit will still be what I was wanting to begin with.
It's packed full of beautiful papers and embellishments. I increased the amount of embellishments in this one because ... well ... just because. As a result, it's a little more expensive. I found that a lot of people were buying the main kit, as well as one or both add-ons, so I'm going to try out a larger kit and offer only one add-on this time around to see if it's a better "fit".
Check back for sneak peeks this weekend. I hope to start working with what I've got to give you a little "taste".
In the meantime, go outside and enjoy the weather. And tip back a few while you're out there. You're just not Canadian if you don't ;)

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