Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carman's Peonies

I think peonies have to be one of my very favorite flowers. My grandpa had huge peony bushes out in front of his house and I remember my mom cutting them for her table at the church strawberry and ham supper every June. All sorts of people have taken bits from the bushes over the years and transplanted them to their own gardens.
After he passed, and before his house was sold, I went and took some myself. There are four different varieties and they seem to bloom at slightly different times. The first one to come out each spring is the darkest. My favorite. I'm not a very good gardener. But these flowers seem to thrive when neglected. Thank goodness!
So nothing scrappy or kit related today (although June's guest designers are all lined up and waiting patiently for their kits) ... just a share of my grandpa's peonies :)

1 comment:

  1. WOW....that color is absolutely AMAZING!!!! Peonies sure are great ~ I'm the same way with flowers and plants....they have to take care of themselves, or else hehehehehehe :)

    I LOVE the polaroid/dark edge you used for the picture :) Do you have the link to do that?