Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moving forward and more April sneaks ...

Finally! The sun came out today! It's still quite cool, but it's supposed to warm up yet today.
Thank you for all of your encouraging comments last week. I think I was feeling a little unsure of myself ... wondering if I should be moving ahead with this business ... wondering if the kits I'm putting together will catch on ... wondering if I'm going to be able to get everything done with a business and a family ... just wondering. But if I don't try, I'll always regret not taking the chance. I'm feeling much better this week after having a few trips to the new retail space I have lined up. I still won't be in until the end of the summer, but it's a little bigger and a great location. Right now, it's completely gutted and there's no ceiling and lots of puddles. I really need to go take some photos so that I have "before" and "after" shots to share. I've seen the architect drawings and am excited again. For you Strathroy gals, I'll be moving into the old Derby. Don't turn up your noses just yet! Your jaws will drop once you see the renovation. The owner of this building is the same woman I was to rent from before, so once she's through with this building, I'm sure the space will still have a "vintage" feel.

I also have some more sneaks of the April kit and add-ons to share!

Leslie sent me some photos of the projects she's been working on and I was blown away with what she's done!
And a few from me ...
Jing-Jing was going to be taking her kit to a crop this weekend. I can't wait to see what she does :)
This past week, I've also been doing a lot of thinking about what else we can do with our little club. Should we start a message board? Hold on online crop? I'd love to hear what you think about it.
The other area that I've been considering is subscriptions. I really don't want to get into subscriptions at this time, but I DO want to reward regular customers. What I'm going to introduce with the April kit is an incentive to purchase regularly ... purchase 3 monthly kits for the price of $88.50. This amounts to a $5 savings per kit. If you've already purchased one or more of the months, you would still receive the discount. For example, if you've purchased Feburary for $34.50 ... you can now buy the March and April kits for only $54.00 (plus any applicable taxes).
I think that's it for today. If you have any questions or suggestions, I'm happy to listen. I want this to be a fun place for all of us, so your imput is important :)


  1. Hang in there! Change is sometimes scary but it's also necessary. I think once you get a routine down you will do fine with being a mom, wifem, and business owner!! And like you said, if you don't try you will spend a life time wondering "what if" I think you can do it!!!

  2. Hope all keeps going well!!! Fabulous sneaks....I think i'm lovin' that pin!!!

  3. ooooo.... the old Derb, made new again! :)
    I'm positive it will be gorgeous! And to be honest, a much better location for parking and drive by traffic!

  4. everything is wonderful tara :) i love the sneaks and i think it would be very fun to have message board where we could chat :)