Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Settling in ...

So I'm home now.  The store is cleared out and is beginning it's transformation into Once Upon A Time Weddings' new home.  I stopped by yesterday to pick up some mail that they were holding for me and had a look around at the work they've already done.  It will be different, but lovely.
It has been an adjustment ... not going in almost every day to my little store.  But with everything that needs to be done around here, I haven't had a lot of time to really miss the most recent chapter in my life.  I have many projects started and none finished :)  Typical.  Flowers purchased and waiting to be planting (we've had oodles of rain lately, so I'll blame the weather), a table partially transformed, boxes and boxes and boxes yet to be gone through and uploaded to the new online store.  We've fit in a sleepover and some cherry picking.  Planning some day trips, some time with my mom, an upcoming sushi dinner date, more cherry picking and some visits with friends.  This summer will fly by.
What I am really missing are the wonderful people I saw so frequently at the store.  Those customers who quickly became friends.  A group of them came by the night before my last day open to say goodbye to the store.  Definitely a bittersweet evening.  Great food and conversation.  But knowing that it would be the last time we would be gathered in a location that had become home to many of us was hard.  I'm hoping that after we all get over the incredible busy-ness of the summer, we can start getting together on a regular basis again.
One of the shocking events that has occurred is that I've actually been scrapbooking again.  Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, but photos on paper and in the album. 
Nothing but "Heating Up" on this one.  No ... I lie.  A couple of staples too.  Pretty basic, but I love the background paper and didn't want to add so much that it would take away from the photo.
This is Paul's friend Wyatt on our trip to African Lion Safari this year.  The pizza was bigger than the kid's head. I couldn't stop laughing.
Still a few of these kits left on the website.  Local delivery/pickup available.
Stay cool folks!  Stock up on popsicles ;)

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  1. Yeah... looks great... love the paper!!!!!
    great pic and that pizza!!!!