Monday, September 13, 2010

Little Tickets

Morning all! I trust everyone had a good first week back to school. I always think that I'll have so much time to get things accomplished when the kids are gone for the day, but I seem to be further behind than I was a week ago. Go figure.
I'm still not in the store just yet. Hopefully sometime this week. I'll keep you posted ;)
Until then, have a look at the wee My Minds Eye tickets that come with the September kit. I always love little tickets on layouts. Jenni Bowlin has been making them for a few years now and I've even resorted to using leftover beer tickets from Stag & Doe's if I like the looks of them. These one's are a little different because they're connected together along their long side instead of end to end.
Julia left 3 of them together to used behind her photo ...
Mandy used one, mounted all by its lonesome, as a real focal point on her layout ...
* Mandy's layout has been removed for publication *
And on her card, Mandy layers a few as a title block ...
I love this little card. It's so small and thick and yummy. One of my favorite bits is the wee flower grouping. She used only the centres from the Prima flowers to create tiny rose buds. So pretty. Sigh.
Just finished ordering for the November kit. My favorite of all my kits so far.
And I'm trying to get December organized. I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around Christmas this far ahead. There are so many beautiful lines out there this year. What to choose ... what to choose ...


  1. i LOVE the lone ticket page!!!! i adore those tickets, too! and i LOVE the new header tara!

  2. ooh! i can't wait to see whats in the November kit!!!

  3. Beautiful projects!!! Love the use of the tickets and how different these layouts are!

  4. GORGEOUS kit yet again my sweet Tara <3 **** I'm waiting for the paycheck on friday ehehehehe ***

    OMG those layouts/cards are amazing!!!

  5. Anxiously awaiting the store opening. The gallery is amazing with the creations this month. All the kits have been amazing, and now I will be watching for the Nov. kit. All I need is a bigger scrapping budget.