Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun stuff ...

Happy Friday Everyone!  Super tired this morning (fun storm last night ... hydro off but not a whole lotta rain ... oh ... and a really loud frog outside that everyone thought was a sick racoon).  Can't type a proper sentence.  Off to the dentist shortly, but wanted to share this online class with everyone.  The video isn't specific to the class, but it gives you a little peek into Shimelle's philosophy ...

I've heard about Shimelle Laine for ages now, but have never looked her up until I saw a reference to this class on several blogs.  LOVE her ideas!  I've signed up for the class and have done the work for the first prompt (only about 9 prompts behind now).  It may take me awhile to get through it all, but I've read through the other prompts and am looking forward to the process.
Let me know what you think about the class and if you're participating.
Have a great day ...


  1. That's sooo cool....and doing "Week In The Life" shows you just what cool details there are in everyday life to keep scrapping when you choose to. Have fun with this class. I think you'll love it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this link. I found it very interesting. Feel less guilty now so that is a GOOD THING.