Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting into the Groove

Hello Poor Neglected Blog Followers. I must apologize for the sad, sad state of my blog updates. There always seems to be something else to attend to first. Namely, stocking and re-stocking. And moving things around. A lot. But it's fun :)
I've started to get a few holiday decorations up (although with the rain today, I'm sure not feeling too festive) ...
A few new (old) vintage items are in, including this fantastic card table that doubles as wall art ... there are two little hooks on the top that allow you to hang this bad boy up when not in use ... Crazy Pumpkin Man greets me every day and has been joined by some crazy cute little metal dragonflies (at a great price, I might add). A woman was in a few weeks ago and asked if he was a *insert native god name here*. I had no idea, but apparently he resembles some native fertility god. I need this thing out of here pronto. Mama don't need no mo' chillens and I'm trying to touch it as little as possible.
Also new are these wonderful stainless and enamelware pieces. And a vintage spice rack. Neat, neat, neat.
Huge corrugated metal stars crafted by Pennsilvania Amish farmers and of course, many fabulous pieces from Born in a Barn ...
The library cabinet is a favorite of everyone's. When we first moved into the store, I was using it as a television stand.
This cream hutch is one of my favorite pieces. It would be perfect in any scrapbook room.
And these little benches are the perfect gift for grandparents unsure of what to get the little people in their lives this Christmas. They can be personalized to say whatever you want on the back and will be available to pick up within the week. Stop by the store for more details.
Rounding out our tour ... the nummy stuff. New flavours of fudge arrived last week and are available to sample on "Fudgey Friday" every week ...
And chocolate pizza. Oh man. Soooo good. A wonderful quality chocolate base with marshmallows and crisps ... topped with Skor, candy cane and white chocolate. You can't even imagine how good it is.
If you missed the Grand Opening in October, I will be having a Christmas Open House the first weekend in December. Friday 10am until 8pm and Saturday 10am until 4pm. Lots of great sales and draw prizes. Use up your Srathroy Downtown Dollars while you're here.
Hope to see you soon :)


  1. I need to get my butt in your store Tara!!! OMG it's gorgeous <3

    How much is the Library thingy - this was used for Library card indexes right? How much! It's GORGEOUS :)

  2. WOW - your store is BEAUTIFUL! A destination for sure! Love all the vintage goodness you have and that pumpkin man! One day.....I will make it up there. ;)

  3. That chocolate pizza is so cute. If I were anywhere near your store I'd come buy it.