Friday, January 29, 2010

Making Progress

Good morning all!
I feel like the last week has just disappeared into thin air. All three of my boys have caught the flu. But on different days. So it's just gone on and on and on and ...
Well ... you get the idea. I still have one home from school today, but I think we're on the mend.
A lot of the things I meant to accomplish this week have been put off until next week. Our hired man will be back this weekend, which means I also won't have to go to the barn next week either. No excuses for not getting things done then!
I did manage to knock a few things off my list yesterday. My first box of product arrived, I put in a few orders and I went to talk to the woman I'll be renting retail space from later in the year.
For those of you who are familiar with Strathroy, Kathleen owns Hidden Lane Framing on Frank Street and has taken on a new project. She's just bought the old Derby Inn and plans on a complete renovation. It's an old bar with rooms above and few people would be able to see any benefit in such a building. But she has a vision and is keen for a new project. I can't wait to see the finished project.
But back to me ... because she will be moving her business into the "Dirty Derby", I'm going to be able to rent her space! I love her store ... beautiful old wood floors, tin ceiling, gorgeous front windows. Every time I visit, I get more excited just thinking about when I'll be able to move in. Kathleen has also been a wonderful source of information for someone like me who has never owned a business. I've worked in a resort and in beach shops and at a drive in movie theatre and at a bank ... but this is a new animal for me. I'm hoping that I can draw on my other experiences, but it has been so helpful having Kathleen making suggestions and pointing me towards resources I didn't know were available.
I still don't have a definate date set for my first kit to reveal. I'm waiting on some product and am not sure how long things will take to travel from the States. I also have to get myself organized for shipping. So many little things to sort out. But I should have some sneaks up next week with what I've already received.
I'm also going to be looking for guest designers in the coming months. I think I'll wait on establishing a permanent design team until the store front opens ... probably September.
So stay tuned for details regarding applying for a guest designer spot. I'll be posting a call in a few weeks.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I am oh so very excited for you, and for *me* :) You are going to be so close (that will most definitely spell trouble for my bank account!)

    And what a fabulous space... absolutely perfect!! If you need a hand with anything, I am happy to help, just ask!

    Congrats! (and hope the wee ones are feeling better soon, my crew has the bug too, and I can not afford to get sick this time of year!!)

  2. Can't wait for the storefront... again, shhh don't tell on me!
    Just think... I can visit two friends on one trip! That was so thoughtful of you to be neighbours to Shannon! :)